Posted by: Be Discovered Online | July 30, 2010

Driving Instructors UK

Girl Ready For Driving Lessons
The site that will help you pass your driving test

Welcome to Driving Instructors UK where we will help you with passing your driving test with hints, answers and pointers. If you are looking for a driving school, or a driving instructor in your area, we can help you find one who is fully qualified to give you those all important driving lessons.

It is an official statistic that most people who pass their driving test
will have had an average of 45 hours with a qualified driving instructor as well as an average of  22 hours practice with a qualified driver.
The driving test is split into two parts, the theory test and the practical driving test, you cannot take the practical test until you have passed the theory test. In these pages we will offer help and advice for learner drivers as well as forming the hub of a community where you can share your apprehensions and successes.
There is a section to ask questions on the theory test which will be answered by a fully qualified driving instructor and they will also be able to answer questions about Pass Plus training.